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post2 “Highly recommend Guruz Fitness Studio and the Precision Nutrition program. The classes are always challenging and fun and the nutrition program is not a diet but more of a lifestyle. Lacee and Denise work closely with you to make sure your exercise program and your nutrition plan is geared towards you achieving your individual fitness goals.”
– Beth B

post2 “I now have a body I never thought I’d have. But this has been more than physical. It’s also been mental and spiritual. It’s truly fueled my enthusiasm for fitness, health, and wellness.”
– Mark M

post2 “Precision Nutrition coaching taught me about loving and caring for myself. Not pampering. That’s different. True self-care isn’t about self-indulgence. It’s about figuring out what’s truly good for me. And doing it.”
– Morgan F

post2 “I’ve been a member at Guruz for almost two years. I was not a horrible eater, but was not losing the extra weight I wanted to lose. I started the Precision Nutrition program in December 2017-January 2018, lost 15 pounds, and as of today, I’ve kept the weight off. Went for blood work last week and my overall cholesterol dropped 50 points!!! All thanks to Guruz and Precision Nutrition. If you want to shed the extra pounds, I highly recommend the program. It’s clean, healthy eating with no gimmick diets.”
– Terry B.

post2 “My wife and I needed a place to work on our fitness-a place where we were comfortable; with the facility, the equipment, the trainers and the care & support. Guruz Fitness was a perfect match for us right from the beginning. The equipment is top notch, the facility is very nice and we quickly developed an affinity for the people who work with us! They offer a wide variety of activities like biking, rowing, boxing, suspension work, Reformer Pilates and more!  We love the Pilates classes. Since starting, we’ve seen definite improvements in strength, stamina, balance and flexibility; just what we were wanting to achieve. I highly recommend Guruz Fitness for anyone-any age, any condition, any ability level.  They’ve helped me tremendously!”
– David D

post2 “Recently moving to Jackson from Chicago, I’ve seen such a variety of really nice workout places with significant results back home and was struggling to find anything close in jackson until now. Guruz is a really nice clean facility and organization with seemingly educated instructors that really care about helping you meet your goals. The fact that you have visuals to let you know where you are and targets to reach is extremely helpful for someone like me needing direction. I’ve only been two weeks at this point but I leave with a sweat and feeling better than when I came in. I’ve incorporated it into my weekly schedule at least 2x a week and anticipate more as work and family allows. This is an excellent source of stress relief and fitness improvement between rowing, spinning, boxing, etc!”
– Nicole O

post2 “Experienced a free session at Guruz Fitness and I truly love it. Everything about it is what I look for in a fitness studio-small group setting, warm, friendly, non-judgmental, welcoming environment. With coaches, staff, and members who are sincere and truly motivate, encourage, and inspire you to be the best. No goal is too small or too large. The studio challenges sealed the deal for me and that’s what convinced me to join and I am so ready to start my journey.”
– Meagan F

review1-compressor “I love working out at Guruz!  The entire staff is positive, energetic and dedicated to my overall fitness goals.  I feel challenged to do my best and never get bored!  Every class is a balance of cardio, strength training, and functional fitness.  I feel great and have lots of energy, thanks to the great workouts and the supportive community at Guruz!”
– Maggie W

post2 “Guruz Fitness Studio is a great place to exercise!!  The staff provide excellent and varied classes that each offer a great combination of aerobic, strength, and flexibility training.  I look forward to every workout at Guruz, and I always feel great afterwards and for the rest of the day!”
– Dave W

post2 “So glad I started coming here. I’ve always been a fan of group training classes and this place definitely has the camaraderie and energy that I crave. This is my first experience working out with a MyZone heart rate monitor and it has added so much more excitement and challenge to my workout. I love how every class is different so the chance for burn-out or boredom is slim. The trainers are great, too and really know their stuff. Thanks for doing what you do, guys!”
– Hanna R

post2 “Very knowledgeable and helpful staff at Guruz know how to get great results for your health and fitness.  Class schedule fits well with my work schedule. I highly recommend!”
– Matt B

post2 “This place and the people are amazing! I cannot brag on them enough! If you want results, this is the place. They don’t push you, you can go as hard as you desire. They instruct you so when you are working out, you are getting results.”
– Lee L

post2 “High energy classes that are different and challenging every single time- all instructors really care to ensure total body workouts and maximum calorie burn are achieved!”
– Abby J

post2 “Professional, skilled instructors who adjust the highest level of movement to each individual in the same class.  Love the variety of cross training, excellent!!!”
– Margaret Y

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